© Suzanne Soulier

A couple of assignments during my internship at SUPERFLEX

Pigs, Time and Space

I worked together with SUPERFLEX on the video installation 'Pigs, Time and Space', for the 11th Shanghai Biennale 'Why Not Ask Again'. 'Pigs, Time and Space' addresses the exchange of pigs between Denmark and China. With a pig as the main character and story teller of dream-like universe unfolding the highlights of a historical loop from I Ching, the ancient Book on Divination, to the Schjellerup crater on the moon.

Underneath a trailer of some highlighted commissioned artworks by Frieze, in which SUPERFLEX' commission will appear at (3:23)


3D Animation for 'The Mærsk Opera'

I made the 3D animations for one of the improbable characters in the film namely the drifing meteorite and together with Ribka Coleman we experimented for the sonically manipulated liquid character. You can watch the trailer beneath of 'The Mærsk Opera' starring my drifting meteorite. The Mærsk Opera premiered at the 2017 CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival. And if you are curious for other SUPERFLEX works, they are awesome, click here