Attack Together Finish Alone


Collaboration project between Creative Writing
and Graphic Design.

Concept and design: Roos Marijn Peperkamp (creative writing), Denise Bernts and Suzanne Soulier.

We won the assignment to make a design for Giro D'italia, with our design concept. That started out with analysing
the way the cyclers move in a group, like a swarm,
and eventually are falling apart. We also analysed the way
some cyclers are falling. With which we came to the idea that 'winning' is not important, because everyone is an individual within a group, some are ending within the race by falling. That doesn't mean you failed, but it could be a goal for higher purpose.

However besides this story, we also wanted that the text could have multiple meanings. It could also say something about the capitalistic state, the devidence of rich and poor. But I also had a conversation with two foreigners who thought it had something to do with the Syrian war. In the end everybody can have their own thought about the meaning of this design.

A vagued out version of the design is viewable on
Google Street View