© Suzanne Soulier

I Met An Alien Once,
It Looked Like Me

I Met An Alien Once, It Looked Like Me comes from
a fascination with the relationship between humans and
the estrangement from the self. I believe that estrange-
ment is deeply connected to individualism and egoism.
Charlie, the main character of the corresponding movie
appears at once strange and posesses basic human attri-
butes.Charlie is fascinated by images of the past, which
is manifested through apocalyptic archeological scenes.
The film reflects the future consequences of inter-
personal, alien behavior.

"The result of your process is an animation movie that
does not in anyway meet the conventions of
the genre."

- Hendrik Jan Grievink

"So what to say about all of this?
The movie is intriguing but distant, weird but familiar,
funny sometimes, yet drained of humor. The text in the
subtitles are built out of an impenetrable prose,
the images are not necessary beautiful, yet it somehow
sticks, the movie makes you want to see it again. You
want to know more about this nightmarish world if only
to find an exit door. When it finishes, you are left with
more questions than answers, but there is one thing you
know for sure, you have never seen anything like this!"

- Brian Kuan Wood